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Get on the Southern BBQ Trail: MISSISSIPPI

Next stop on the Southern BBQ Trail: MISSISSIPPI.

Mississippians joke that the best barbecue in the state can be found in Memphis. True, it’s hard to put a finger on the pulse of Mississippi’s barbecue tradition, if it has one. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great stories. The late Deke Baskin of Oxford was a celebrated barbecue man. One of his first jobs was washing dishes at a fraternity house on the campus of the University of Mississippi. At the time, there was a fraternity tradition of cooking a whole hog on football weekends when Ole Miss would play Arkansas (their team mascot is a hog), and that’s how Deke learned to barbecue. But Deke also grew up in a community that held large picnics to celebrate holidays and family reunions. A traditional food for these kinds of gatherings in north Mississippi was barbecued goat. Deke recalls in his interview, “Family reunions and, you know, the Fourth of July was a big thing…In the old days we had Blues harmonica, you know, and good times—and the goat. You had to have a goat there.” As Deke became skilled at cooking hogs, he added goat to his repertoire. He operated a series of restaurants in and around Oxford, the last of which closed in 2005. Deke passed away in 2011. 

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