Monday, July 23

Get on the Southern BBQ Trail: GEORGIA

Next stop on the Southern BBQ Trail: GEORGIA.

We have stories about Brunswick stew. We have stories from an all-female operated joint in Chamblee. And we have some incredible interviews from the family behind Fresh Air Bar-B-Que in Jackson. Hear about the restaurant that Dr. Joel Watkins, a veterinarian, opened in 1929 to serve the rabbits and goats he raised and barbecued on the weekends. Dr. Watkins never cooked pork. George “Toots” Caston brought in the hogs when he bought the place in 1952. Hear tell of the original pit that could hold nineteen whole hogs, the 25-gallon cast-iron pots for cooking Brunswick stew, and the family coleslaw recipe—which didn’t appear on the menu until the 1980s. Today, the third generation of the Caston family is at the helm, and they are proud of what their grandfather created. As George Barber, one of Toot’s grandsons puts it, “It’s something [our grandfather] instilled in us as children growing up, to have pride in what you did and to do the best job you could do at anything, no matter what it was.”

The Fresh Air Bar-B-Que oral history, is just one of the many interviews we'll be adding to the new Georgia leg of the Southern BBQ Trail in the coming weeks.

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