Friday, June 8

Southern Six-Pack

Greetings from the 10th annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party! If you're in town ("town" being Manhattan), we hope you'll be joining us for tonight's Potlikker Film Fest. A few last minute tickets remain; snag them here. No matter where you're spending the weekend, you could probably use a six-pack.

1. DC-based folklorist and baker Emily Hilliard channels nostalgia through a mulberry—"the worst berry there ever was!" Despite its subpar baking qualities, foraged mulberries were the catalyst for Hilliard's pie passion.

2. We're not sure if mulberries make a good jelly. But summer fruit seasons are short-lived (strawberries have already come and gone!), so stretch them out by making your own preserves. And while you're canning, listen to this James Taylor classic: "Jelly Man Kelly," performed on Sesame Street circa 1980.

3. Downtown Raleigh, NC, is home to the famous hot-dog joint Roast Grill, locally known as "Hot Weiners" (sic) because of its eponymous sign. There's a new dog in town, and while it might not rival the Roast Grill for cult status, it boasts a great name—Pavlov's Dogs—as well as late-night hours and inventive topping combinations. If you've been shunned from the Roast Grill for requesting ketchup on your dog, Pavlov's Dogs might be the cart for you.

4.  Last week's New York Times Magazine introduced readers to "32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow." Food-related gizmos include synthetic booze, super-light-roast coffee, and sous vide TV dinners.

5. Tip early, tip often, and most of all, tip well: pre-tip minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers (mostly waitstaff) has been stuck at $2.13 an hour since 1991.

6. Travel website Fathom offers five itineraries for funky Southern road trips. The Fathom editors are based in New York, but it sounds like they got some pretty good tips.