Friday, June 1

Southern Six-Pack

SFA's second annual Oral History Workshop got rolling this week. Twelve budding oral historians hailing from California to New York and everywhere in between gathered here at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture to learn oral history best practices from the indefatigable, Amy Evans.

We're also pretty tickled to welcome Sara Camp Arnold to team SFA.  Sara Camp turned in her Masters Thesis in Folklore at the University of North Carolina, loaded up her car, and headed to Oxford to become SFA's Content Manager.  Let's celebrate both Amy and Sara Camp with a six-pack!

1.  Amanda Hess and Emily Wallace introduce us to David Edwards and an imagined world where we might breathe our food.

2.  High Fructose Corn Syrup tried putting on airs and calling itself corn sugar.  The FDA put HFCS in its place.

3.  Cafe Reconcile, a New Orleans non-profit,  probably saved Ryan Dalton's life.  Now Ryan Dalton, floor trainer for Cafe Reconcile in Central City, is paying that extraordinary gift forward.

4.  In about four weeks, no bake desserts will mean wedges of cold watermelon or bowls of sliced peaches.  Until then, the test kitchens at the LA Times have your back.

5.  Having barely survived the cola wars of the late 1980's, Pepsico has a new foe:  the Knights Templar drug cartel.

6.  An asparagus opera debuted this week at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.  Really, asparagus?  You want to throw down with the collard green?  We don't like your chances.