Thursday, June 7

SFA Staff Summer Reading

Occasionally, when the SFA staff leaves the office, we put our sandwiches down, our feet up, and settle in with a good book. Here's what we're enjoying this summer. All books have been thoroughly vetted and are suitable for reading on beaches, porches, by the swimming pool, on all manner of boats, and in air-conditioned living rooms.
Part 2 in an occasional series

Fifty Shades of Grey (trilogy)
by E L James
(Vintage, 2012)

Oh, we went there. And we're not the only ones.

Southern Cred: The main character of the series is Anastasia Steele. Her mother lives in Savannah, GA. Anastasia visits there. She shops there. She goes to the beach there. Also, the airline in this fantasy world offers a direct flight from Seattle to Savannah with a first-class lounge that features massages and manicures.

E L James is British and really seems to know nothing about American idioms, which means she knows even less about the South. But she does know A LOT about sex. And, after sex, her characters are often VERY hungry.

Food and Drink: Anastasia doesn't really like to eat. This is a problem for Christian Grey, who, until he was four, often went hungry. Although the Scarlett O'Hara "I'll never go hungry again" moment isn't replayed directly in the book, it is, at several points, strongly implied.

Recommended by: Melissa Hall, events maven, and Amy Evans Streeter, oral historian