Tuesday, June 5

It's Never Too Late for Sandwiches

What's your Gilt vice? Come on, everybody has one—women's clothing, men's, home, travel—pick your poison. We know your fingers are hovering over the keyboard at noon each day, waiting to swoop in like a vulture the moment that sale begins. And we understand. Our Gilt-y pleasure, as you might imagine, is Gilt Taste. We particularly dig their stories section, curated by Francis Lam and Jen Pelka. A couple of weeks ago, Gilt Taste celebrated "Sandwich Week!" with a series of unexpected, awesome-sounding recipes for the lunch-hour standby. In much of the South, summer tomatoes have yet to hit their peak. So instead of a BLT, try this recipe for a Pork Belly, Mint, and Cucumber Sandwich from Stephen Stryjewski of Cochon Butcher in New Orleans. Gilt Taste's "Sandwich Week!" may have come and gone, but it's never too late for now*—er, sandwiches.