Thursday, June 7

Candy Booze

I don't want to make an 'announcement' that Thirsty Thursday is back. After my blog writing sabbatical, that kind of statement sounds too permanent. Let's just ease back into this thing...

Picture courtesy of Serious Eats

Inspiration. I was pulled out of my funk by Serious Eats and their rousing post about rummy bears. Hold. the. phone. I'm obviously too many years out of high school to realize people are making buzz-worthy (pun totally intended) candy with gummies and alcohol.

I do love a good candy and wine pairing (as witnessed here), but I've never put the wine/booze/whatnot in my candy.

Like I need another reason to visit my local bulk candy store.

First on my list to try are the Tequila Straw-bearries (tequila-infused strawberry gummy bears). Technique includes:
1. dump candy into bowl
2. soak candy with booze
3. walk away
4. leave anywhere from 8 hours to 3 days
5. eat (with caution...comments say they make you feel "weird")

Serious Eats offers 10 different variations. If you need even more options (looks like someone's getting excited), Candy Booze hooks you up with even more options (with ratings...and whether to eat the candy/drink the leftover booze/both).

P.S. Listen kids: please wait until you are of legal age to do stupid things like make candy booze.