Thursday, June 14

Beyond Pork in North Carolina

Next week, we'll embark on our annual SFA Field Trip. This summer we're heading to Eastern North Carolina for—you guessed it—barbecue, among other local delights. One of our speakers will be historian and folklorist David Cecelski, an Eastern North Carolina native who writes a food blog for the North Carolina Folk Life Institute. Either Cecelski has a sixth sense, or his car's steering wheel is actually a divining rod, because he's a pro at venturing off the beaten path to taste and tell the stories of North Carolina's unsung foodways. He's found an Ecuadorian bakery in Raleigh and an international food market in a converted Greensboro textile factory.

When it comes to barbecue, Cecelski's latest discovery is the micro-trend of African-American owned barbecue establishments that have begun using turkey in lieu of pork for a variety of reasons—from concerns about cardiac health to accommodating a growing Islamic clientele. Click here  for the full text of Cecelski's dispatch on turkey barbecue, which he suggests you try at Hickory Tree BBQ in Greensboro or Lenny and VC's Grill in Dover (conveniently located near Kinston, one of our Field Trip stops).