Friday, June 15

Another Helping from the Barbecue Bus

Earlier this week, Rien Fertel and Denny Culbert (also known as The Barbecue Bus) visited Midway BBQ in Buffalo, South Carolina, to conduct an oral history for the SFA's Southern BBQ Trail. In the kitchen they met Put Temmerath, a Laotian-American cook who's been working at Midway for sixteen years. Rien recorded a brief interview with Temmerath, which you can listen to here. Thus far, Temmerath is the only individual on our Barbecue Trail to have escaped war-torn Southeast Asia in the 1970s and rebuilt his life in South Carolina. Lives like Mr. Temmerath's are exactly why we collect, preserve, and share the stories behind the food.

Photo of Put Temmerath by Denny Culbert