Friday, May 25

Southern Six-Pack

Happy Memorial Day!  Let's kick off the weekend with a virtual cookout.  SFA's got steaks, ketchup, fried pies, and very small cakes (no longer) cooked on a light bulb. We've even got music.  What should you bring?  How about a six-pack?

1.  The USDA officially names cuts of beef BUT compliance in using those names is voluntary. Your supermarket chain decides which cuts to sell and what to call those cuts. Give Denver steak (shoulder) and coulotte steak (sirloin) a try this grilling season.

2.  With a name like Pink Slime, it has to be awful.  Temple Grandin says, "Not so fast."  Rename it.   Maybe switch acids since most folks don't mind ingesting lemon juice but balk at swallowing ammonia. And, be honest about what you're up to.

3.  Don't want to head into a weekend of food fun without first having done your research?  Me neither.  Consumer Reports has you covered.

4.  Finally, MIT students throw themselves into solving the problems that matter.  Every last drop of ketchup is coming out of that bottle!

5.  Here are some holiday weekend facts:  It's strawberry season in much of the upper South.  Its always moonshine season.  And, no self respecting Southerner ever turns down a fried pie.  Joe Trull and Kim Severson embrace those truths and roll them into a mouthwatering recipe for Strawberry Moonshine Fried Pies.  Prefer to buy your pies rather than make them?  Head to New Orleans and pick up a dozen (or two) Hubig's pies.

6.  Loretta Lynn lied about her age and Easy Bake Ovens aren't powered by lightbulbs anymore.  What's the world coming to?

Popdust's supercut of Call Me Maybe will make you very very happy!