Friday, May 18

Southern Six-Pack

The sun is shining.  Ole Miss students have deserted town for a few weeks.  Memphis in May is heating up.  Time for a six-pack.

1.  The due process rights of bourbon sealed in red wax were affirmed this week by Sixth Circuit Judge, Boyce Martin.  Clearing the way for constitutional amendment 28, the right to keep and bear Pappy Van Winkle.

2.  A little more than a year after tornadoes ripped through Alabama and devastated Joplin, Missouri Brett Anderson asks if a tragic events can transform a city's food scene.  Seven years after the levee breaches in New Orleans, the answer is a resounding and pretty positive, "Yes!"

3.  Atlanta Food and Wine elevates and celebrates the South's working chefs.  Josh Ozersky thinks they just might be on to something!

4.  Beware KFC, K(entucky)R(oasted)G(oat) might be looking for a turf war.

5.  What's delicious and NUTRIA-itious?  Give up?  Why, Marsh Dog Biscuits of course.

6.  Cut/Chop/Cook and then open a beer.  Make it happen, Rodney Scott.  Make. It. Happen.

Go for a drive this weekend.  Roll down the windows.  Open the sun roof.  Heck, if you've got a convertible then for heaven's sake put the top down.  And, turn this up really loud.  Remember 1978. Or visit it for the first time.  Thank you, Donna Summer.