Wednesday, May 30

Meet the Polished Pig

The SFA is pleased as pork to introduce you to our brand-new partners at Polished Pig Media. Melany Mullens and Michelle Charak will help us keep you informed about SFA news and special events.

Melany Mullens is a Virginia native who founded Polished Pig Media in early 2012. She’s lived in Chicago, Park City, and Charleston, before returning home to Roanoke. When she’s not "polishing the pig," you'll find Melany knee-deep in her garden, running muddy trails, water skiing, or biking in the mountains.

Michelle Charak was born in Chicago and raised in Houston. She later moved to Milan, Italy, where she explored and ate throughout Europe, from Lisbon to Tallinn. Now, living in New York, she enjoys eating, cooking, learning about wine, doing yoga, running, or exploring the crevices of the city.

Stay tuned for more to come from these ladies who say they like things shiny but aren’t afraid to get a little dirty.