Tuesday, May 22

Students Heading to Oxford for 2012 SFA Oral History Workshop, May 29-June 1

A group of fourteen students from across the country will make their way to Oxford next week for our annual Oral History Workshop.

This intensive four-day workshop is an effort to train young scholars and bring more people into the field of oral history. The group will meet at SFA headquarters on the campus of the University of Mississippi and work directly with SFA oral historian Amy Evans Streeter.

Students will learn SFA-devised oral history methods and practices. The focus will be on digital audio and still photographs, applied to the study of foodways. Workshop participants will be introduced to the field via examples from the SFA archive, become familiar with equipment, acquire interviewing skills, explore the art of documentary photography, and learn a variety of processing techniques.

Through the generous support of SFA member Edward Lee of Louisville, Kentucky, we are pleased to be able to offer two minority scholarships. These funds are intended to help defray some of the costs associated with attending the workshop. This year's minority scholarship recipients are:

PhD candidate, Afro-American Studies – UCLA
* * *
From her letter of intent: "My research interests include Southern African-American culture, foodways and folklore, and the ways in which such works express the stories and the history of the African-American experience. I am interested in oral history because I am interested in learning about history from the unique perspectives of those who lived it."

MS candidate, Plant Science - CUNY – Lehman College – Bronx, NY
* * *
From her letter of intent: "I aim to document the ethnobotanical food traditions of my culture and evaluate its changing status…this documentation is integral to my research as Vietnamese knowledge transmission is traditionally oral in nature…Documenting their oral history will ensure their knowledge is preserved for future generations to discover and enjoy."

We'll share reports from the workshop all next week.