Monday, May 21

From the Southern BBQ Trail: "You Just Gotta Know That Smell"

In the video featured above, Rudy Cobb of Jack Cobb & Son Barbecue Place discusses how hogs have changed in quality, taste, and aroma over time.

Rudy Cobb is Son, inheritor of his father’s legacy. For a half-century, Jack Cobb constructed barrels for the tobacco industry. On Saturdays, Cobb, aided by Son, moved from making hogsheads to smoking whole hogs, selling the meat out of his car to his warehouse coworkers.

Father and Son eventually setup shop in Farmville, a tobacco-town for which a more apt name could not have been chosen. Here, Son still prepares food Jack Cobb’s way: oak wood-fired pigs, collard greens, hushpuppies, slaw, and boiled potatoes. For three days each week, the Place is the space for barbecue.

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