Thursday, April 19

Thank You, Nashville, for A Great Stir the Pot!

Nashville turned it out for the first-ever Stir the Pot event outside of Raleigh. Tandy Wilson of City House and Tyler Brown of the Capitol Grille invited the original pot-stirrer, Ashley Christiansen of Poole's Diner, to be the guest chef. Sunday night, the crowd enjoyed a wonderful supper at City House from Ashley. On Monday night, the Nashville community arrived to Yazoo Brewery, covered dishes in hand, for the Stir the Pot Potluck. Plates were piled high with greens, foot cheese sandwiches, and homemade mac and cheese; glasses overflowed with Yazoo beer; and ears were filled with the rockin' sounds of Roman Candle. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the SFA!

The next Stir the Pot event will be held back in Raleigh, May 27-28. Check the Stir the Pot website for more information.