Friday, April 27

Southern Six-Pack

It's Double Decker Festival weekend here in Oxford, Mississippi which means enjoying a six-pack will stand as breakfast for some. For those of you a year or two (decades) past your twenties, it's okay to sip slowly.  And, in the evening.

1.  Wendell Berry is enjoying a pretty good week.  Last Monday, he gave the 41st Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities where he was introduced by fellow Kick-ass Kentuckian, Bobbie Ann Mason.  And, this week The New York Times sent Berry a love letter. Mark Bittman, who penned that letter for the paper's on-line Opinionator column, held back a little bit of affection for himself.  In what may win the prize for Best Humblebrag not Found on Twitter, Bittman shares that he spent "hours" with Berry (an experience many thinking folks covet) and that he asked a question so profound Berry had to call him after the interview to pay proper homage to the question (pretty much the wet dream of every journalist).  Nicely done, Bittman.  Nicely done.

2.  The Man Who Mistook His Girlfriend for a Hog.  Flowers and candy aren't going to fix this.

3.  But an oyster loaf might.  Which is why, San Francisco, even if you did invent the oyster loaf, it's not yours anymore.  You didn't take care of it.  You didn't do enough with it.  It's happier in New Orleans.  It belongs there.

4.  According to an incredibly depressing study conducted by North Carolina State PhD candidate, Sarah Rusche, and published in The Journal of Black Studies, restaurant racism is alive and well.  How depressing?  Only 10.5% of the 200 restaurant workers surveyed, reported never engaging in or observing racialized discourse.

5.  Can't afford to travel this summer?  Stay home and eat bacon.  Seriously, as much as you want.  Trust us, you can afford it.

6.  Check out The Illusion of Choice.  But be warned.  It's addictive.  And disheartening.  Deciding between a six-pack of Slim Fast or a pint of Ben and Jerry's?  Unilever doesn't care.  They get paid either way.  Ever ponder which food giant is represented by the most old white men?  Pepsico, of course.  They claim the Quaker Oats Man, Colonel Sanders, and Captain Crunch as totems.

And a chaser...  This really doesn't have anything to do with food.  But it does have to do with an age old Southern admonishment: "Act right!"  This is the one where drunken sailors explain how to act right to the United States Secret Service.