Friday, April 20

Southern Six-Pack

1.  American Bandstand premiered in 1957 when my mother (who turned 70 this year) was a junior in high school.  To ring in 2012, my 6th grade and 8th grade sons watched ABC's Rockin' New Year's Eve.  In between, Dick Clark went from being hip to old to ironically hip again.  Comparing rock 'n roll to Mexican food Clark said, "Start them out with the mild stuff first and once they get a taste for it they'll jump in for the really hot stuff, the authentic stuff." We like that analogy.  We'll miss you Dick Clark.  For a lot of reasons.

2.  Robbie Robertson might have written The Weight about the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania but when Levon Helm sang that song, what you heard was Turkey Scratch, Arkansas.  Helm lived a celebrated life in an industry not known for longevity or integrity.  He managed to have both.  And a whole lot more.

3.  While we're knee deep in eulogies, the Louisiana Seafood Industry would like it known that the reports of the death and safety of gulf seafood have been greatly exaggerated!

4.  Alabama has a golden opportunity to fix its hateful regressive immigration law.  Don't drop the ball, Alabama.  Whoops.  Too soon?

5.  Want to reclaim urban food deserts?  Take to the streets.  Green Carts might be the most innovative element in the food desert shelterbelt.

6.  Ever wonder what a 22 year old box of cereal might taste like?  Curiosity won't kill you but it will leave a nasty plastic after-taste.