Friday, April 13

Southern Six-Pack

Across the South, the promise of spring football is as high as the pollen count.  What goes great with football?  A six-pack of course.  Arkansas, I'm guessing you may need something a little stronger.  Help yourself. 

1.  Celebrate today, the 103rd anniversary of Eudora Welty's birth, with potato salad.  Ms. Welty would approve.

2.  We're a month away from the 50th anniversary of the very first restaurant review Mississippi native, Craig Claiborne wrote for the New York Times.  Claiborne didn't just change the way America eats, he changed the way we think about food.  Get this golden anniversary party started with Georgeanna Milam Chapman's master's thesis on Claiborne.  Then go crazy and pre-order a copy of Thomas McNamee's Claiborne biography.  And, if you're serious about this celebration then you might as well whip up a batch of chicken spaghetti.

3. Things to do while in New Orleans:  go to Cafe du Monde for a beignet, stop at Mahony's for a po-boy, or sip a Sazerac at the Napoleon House.  Things to avoid:  Subway and Mardi Gras Zone.

4.   Check out Louisiana's House Concurrent Resolution Number 41 which designates Scott, Louisiana as the Boudin Capitol of the World.  It's your move, Mowata.

5.  Our friends at Gilt Taste got some well deserved love from the IACP for their Eat Shoots and Leaves series.

6.  Nearly one year after a tornado destroyed their building, Earp's Seafood in Raleigh, North Carolina is once again open for business.

In Kentucky, our common table is a basketball court.  On April 2, 2012 the Kentucky Wildcats brought their 8th NCAA National Championship Trophy home to Lexington.  This week UK Coach John Calipari took that trophy on a bus tour of the state.  In Hazard, this man came out to meet the coach, view the trophy, and show off his "special for basketball season" prosthetic leg.  I love my state!