Tuesday, March 20

Tonight's Dinner: Cheerwine Barbecue Chicken

Image courtesy of the Communal Skillet
It's delicious.  It's distinctly Southern.  And it's easy to make, if you can get your hands on Cheerwine.  Our friends at the Communal Skillet have managed to do just that, and give good reviews to this recipe for grilled chicken with Cheerwine sauce.  They do edit the recipe just a bit (the SFA's recommendation for garlic seemed a bit excessive to them), but even with a bit less garlic this dish passed their taste test.

A recipe for the chicken is in the SFA Community Cookbook, of course.  Or you may follow the edited recipe at the Communal Skillet.  But the real question is this: how can you get your hands on Cheerwine if you don't live in North Carolina or one of the 13 other states that have distributors?  The answer: find a bootlegger, or plan ahead and order online to have it shipped.  The nice folks at Cheerwine will send it to you.

If you order it to be shipped, SFA recommends buying the longneck bottle and ordering a few extra, so you can ice them down in a nearby washtub. Also, if you're drinking a sweet cherry red drink, order the real thing. Diet Cheerwine is no one's first choice.  You'll save calories on the grilled chicken, so there's no need to cut calorie corners with your sauce. Cheerwine chicken is the perfect recipe to welcome Spring.  (Y'all remembered that today is the spring equinox, right?)