Friday, March 30

Southern Six-Pack

1.  Earl Scruggs died this week.  From TV theme songs, to commercials, to phenomenal banjo playing and equally phenomenal guitar work, Mr. Scruggs, along with his partner Lester Flatt were the voice and sound of bluegrass music for a generation.  Or four.  His contribution to Southern food?  Why, this, of course!

2.  Behold, John Kessler's very big, somewhat ridiculous attempt to name the 50 Best Restaurants in Atlanta.  And, believe it or not, he actually wants to know what you think about the list!

3.  Maloney and Porcelli is getting a facelift.  The theme of the long and thought provoking article about this restaurant renovation seems to be that older restaurants necessarily feel old and therefore cannot draw customers.  The too-old restaurant in question opened its doors in 1996.

Which got us to thinking.  Three of the South's best and most celebrated restaurants are getting up there in years.  Crook's Corner opened in 1982.  Highlands Bar and Grill celebrates its 30 anniversary this year.  Magnolia Grill is 25.  All have at least a decade on the decaying Maloney and Porcelli but none feel old.  The dining rooms feel as fresh and current and vibrant as they ever have.  And, more importantly, the food coming out of all three kitchens still sets the standard for extraordinary restaurant experiences.

So, maybe it's not the light fixtures?

4.  DIY weekend.  Cure your own bacon.  Make your own mozzarella.  Seriously.  What else do you have to do?

5.  What's the true cost of a winter tomato?  Or a North Carolina dug sweet potato?  Likely, much more expensive than you realized.

6.  And, in case you haven't heard, the University of Kentucky is playing in The Final Four.  So is the University of Louisville.  Since much of the state is heading to New Orleans, Brett Anderson's Final Four Dining Guide is a welcome gift for the Kaintucks.