Friday, March 23

Southern Six-Pack

The sun is shining.  The Mississippi pollen count is at an all time high.  Peyton Manning is a Bronco.  Mississippi women spent the week asking their governor and Rick Santorum for advice regarding lady parts. Tim Tebow is a Jet.  Nobody puts Roger Goodell in a corner.  Kentucky is still playing basketball.  And, we've got our tickets to see The Hunger Games.  Six-pack, anyone?

1.  It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Lucille Grant.  Ms. Grant died March 4 and was laid to rest on March 10.  She was the grande dame of Charleston low-country cooking.

2.  Want a reason to see The Hunger Games or perhaps read the books?  How about a heroine who is a post-apocalyptic foodie?  Katniss Everdeen's family and friends would have died of starvation years ago if not for Kat's abilities to hunt and forage.  Also, she's from Appalachia.

3.  Need a break from a grim imagined future?  How about a quick trip back to the 1930's and a look at regional foodways?

4.  While you're digging through cookbooks be sure to check out this one.  It's from Pfizer (Yes, that Pfizer) and includes a recipe for Pig Testicle Tacos.  Sound delicious?  Then you won't want to miss this.

5.  Paul and Angela Knipple offer you The World on a Skillet and dish up a list of five old world ingredients you should know and use.

6.  And, finally there's this, a Japanese KFC commercial.  Maybe it's airing to sell chicken.  Maybe.  Or, maybe it's an offering meant to appease an angry spirit and lift the curse that Colonel Harland Sanders put on the Hanshin Tigers Nippon League baseball team.