Tuesday, March 27

Some say, "Greens is greens." Try spicy turnip greens tonight.

Image courtesy of The Communal Skillet
Our friends at the Communal Skillet followed our recipe for spicy turnip greens last week. As the recipe tester notes, it's sometimes hard to find exactly the kind of greens you're looking for, especially when vendors don't label them or cast turnips and collards and mustards all in the same category: greens.

But turnip greens were finally located, and--with secret key ingredients of butter, butter, and did we mention butter?--the final dish was "Savory and silky, with heat that does not overwhelm." Tomatoes add a bit of color, cayenne pepper adds a bit of kick, and what you get is a delicious side dish.

Now I've never been one to enjoy cooking greens, because--honestly--I don't like to wash greens. One school of thought is to leave them soaking in the sink, and then lift them out once the dirt settles to the bottom. Repeat x 3. Another--faster method--is my favorite: give greens a quick turn in your washing machine on the delicate rinse cycle. It'll expedite the process, but be sure to give your washer a quick pre-rinse with cleaner before you throw food in there. Then cooking is the easy part!