Friday, March 30

Scholarship for Students Interested in Food Journalism

Are you (or someone you know) a rising college junior or senior interested in a career in food journalism?

Great news! The James Beard Foundation offers a Dana Campbell Memorial Scholarship each year. Check out the description of the scholarship below.

Applications must be postmarked by May 15, 2012. Find this scholarship and others here:

  1. Dana Campbell Memorial Scholarship
  2. Dana Adkins Campbell was born and grew up in southwest Louisiana, where life often centered around the rich culinary heritage of the Cajun and Creole cultures. With a native’s appreciation for gumbo, Jambalaya, étouffée, rémoulade and abundant Gulf seafood, she attended Louisiana State University where she studied Journalism and Home Economics. Pulling all of these interests together, she landed a job at Southern Living magazine, where she rose to the position of Food Editor and then Food and Travel Writer. Her expertise in Southern cuisine was recognized by members of the James Beard Foundation, and she was asked to serve on the Restaurant Awards Committee, which she did for several years until her death from breast cancer in 2003. This scholarship is a memorial to Dana and a recognition of the role that food plays in enriching our lives. It is hoped that the recipients of this scholarship will carry on the task of enticing future generations to learn about their culinary heritage.

    Applicants must:

    • * Have a career interest in food journalism

    • * Be in their second or third year of study in an accredited bachelor degree program in journalism or a food-related curriculum at any U.S. college or university

    • * Be a resident of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Oklahoma, West Virginia or Delaware and substantiate residency

      Up to one (1) scholarship of $2,000 will be granted.