Wednesday, March 7

Broadcastr Relaunches App, Features Food Tour of SFA Stories

Screenshot of the "Tours" feature on the new Broadcastr app 
(available for iPhone and Android here)

We partnered with Broadcstr in 2010 when their idea for location-based audio was just that, an idea. A year after the launch of this new audio-centric social media tool, which features audio clips from the SFA's entire oral history archive, we're hooked--and so are a lot of other people.

On Monday, Broadcastr launched Broadcastr 2.0, an entirely revamped version of their popular app. From the press release:

It’s been over a year since Broadcastr beta come into the world, and it’s been amazing to hear so many voices populate the world.
That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce Broadcastr 2.0, available now in the iOS app store and Android market.
Broadcastr 2.0 keeps the functionality of the beta but with an overhauled, streamlined browsing experience.

Among the new features:

· Browse through stories in a gallery view
· Discover collections of stories on the Tours tab
· Move intuitive map browsing, and improved Geoplay
· Sleeker, faster, and more powerful filtering options

Go exploring with Broadcastr and transform your iPhone into a multimedia guide to the world. 
They plan to  unveil a new web management portal in May.

You can download the Broadcstr app for iPhone or Android here. Be sure to click on the "Tours" button at the bottom of the app's interface to explore the "Food Tour", which features all SFA content.

Grab some headphones and go!