Tuesday, March 13

Breakfast Shrimp Gravy--It's for...Breakfast?

Image courtesy of the Communal Skillet
I've always thought of shrimp and grits as a suppertime meal.  Shrimp for breakfast?  Whoever heard of such a thing?  But it is shrimp gravy served over grits, a traditional breakfast item, and I've never given a second thought to eating grits for lunch or supper.  Why the double standard?  I don't have an answer.

Our friends at the Communal Skillet created the shrimp gravy recipe by the book (the SFA Community Cookbook, that is).  Innovation and variation in the recipe is encouraged but, as the blog notes, the recipe is still delicious in its most basic form: shrimp, bacon, onions, and stock.  Try it and see what you think.