Tuesday, March 6

Angel Biscuits: Guaranteed to Rise

Photo Courtesy of the Communal Skillet
Surely every cook has created a bad batch of biscuits (say it three times fast) at some point in his or her lifetime?  I recently used all purpose flour instead of self-rising, without realizing it, and so I didn't even make adjustments with baking powder.  What came out of the oven had to be thrown away quickly, before my toddler spotted the cooling biscuits and hurled them like rocks toward the china cabinet. (He's into throwing things these days). Fortunately, our friends at the Communal Skillet reminded me of the Angel Biscuit recipe in SFA's Community Cookbook.  With a bit of yeast added to the recipe, it will take some extra time to make these biscuits, but maybe those few extra minutes will help me (and others) be more careful.  Check and double check your ingredient list and your ingredients!  And enjoy these biscuits, which get good reviews from the Communal Skillet.