Tuesday, February 28

Tonight's menu: pork stuffed pork chops

Photo courtesy of the Communal Skillet

Yes, they're as decadent as they sound.  Our friends at the Communal Skillet have tested the pork stuffed pork chops from SFA's Community Cookbook. A couple of years ago, SFA hosted a staff retreat out in the country. There was a mouse in the house and a cat got shut up in someone's car (smells ensued), but there were many highlights at that gathering--besides good company and productive work, of course. Topping that list of highlights was the meal we prepared from the (then) waiting-to-be-published community cookbook. Greens, mac and cheese, and these pork chops actually silenced our chatty group for a full hour while we ate.  Pork in pork--really, what could go wrong (besides having a mouse in the house)?  We invite you to try these out, too, and see if you agree with our friends at the Communal Skillet that this recipe is delicious.