Friday, February 24

Southern Six-Pack

Varsity fishing, a criminal conspiracy, and $1tacos, this week's six-pack has it all.

1.  C-A-S-T, CAST, CAST, CAST!  The Kentucky High School Athletic Association announced this week that beginning next year, fishing will be a varsity sport.  The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in western Kentucky will host the first state championship.  Followed by a fish fry.

2.  "You want a felony with that hot-dog?"  In New Orleans, a confederacy of stupidity lead Joseph Edwards, a former Lucky Dog Vendor at the corner of Canal and Bourbon Street, to conspire (albeit badly) to rob a safe.

3.  You don't have to leave Atlanta to find a great $1 meal.  But you will have to venture outside the perimeter.  Gene Lee tells you where to go and what to order.  And, for that matter, what not to order.  Gene's helpful that way.

4.  Linton Hopkins got some love and a well deserved platform to talk about his philosophy of eating and cooking and sourcing.  Enjoy part one and part two of Gabe Ulla's profile.

5.  A Starkville, Mississippi pre-school rolls out an ambitious and (so far) successful farm to table food program.  The key to getting it done?  Parents, administrators, cooks, and farmers all working together.

6.  Tracie McMillan's book The American Way of Eating is making quite a splash.  Ms. McMillan took the jobs that few people seek and learned what it is to harvest, stock, and serve America's food. Excerpts from the book chronicling her time as an Applebee's expediter can be found here.  Check it out.  You're already a good eater, you might as well be an informed one too.