Friday, February 3

Southern Six-Pack

This week's six-pack offers a little history, a little trend spotting, and a little are you kidding me? A very good week, indeed.

1. The Times Picayune is celebrating its own quartoseptcentennial with a fascinating series of stories celebrating 175 years of life in New Orleans. Not surprisingly, food and drink get their due.

2. Planning some 7 Layer Dip or some Velveeta Spicy Sausage Goodness for your Superbowl party? Educate yourself before you tear open that bag of Fritos. Feel free to share what you learn. Your guests will love it. Just don't talk while Eli's on the field.

3. It's official. Sean Brock is a food trend.

4. Okay, all you people who have eaten all 100 of the 100 Foods to Eat Before You Die, there may be something wrong with you. Disgust, it seems, and with it the boldness to say, "You're going to eat that?" is an evolutionary imperative.

6. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When 20 to life gives you garlic vitamin pills and potato chips, you create a baked potato. And, write a cookbook to prove it.