Thursday, February 9

Smokin' Cocktail

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Tobacco + bourbon = classy cocktail?

It appears so. Joe Raya, owner of Charleston's The Gin Joint, has proceeded to the final stages of Woodford Reserve's competition to find the best manhattan with his recipe including tobacco-infused bourbon.

According to The Local Palate, "Raya’s Connecticut Shade Manhattan is made with fresh leaves of shade-grown tobacco procured from the Connecticut River Valley. The fresh leaves are submerged for ten days in Woodford Reserve bourbon. After the steeping process is complete, the tobacco-infused bourbon is used to make a smoky, uniquely earthy version of the classic Manhattan cocktail."

At first glance it may not sound particularly appealing, but "smoky, uniquely earthy" doesn't sound so bad! Just please don't serve it in a Tiffany & Co silver cup with ice from a 10,000-year-old glacier and charge $1,000. [Listen, it happens.] And if you DO, then don't go stealing the glacier. [I can't make this stuff up.]