Tuesday, February 7

Earp's Seafood Market reopens in Raleigh, NC; time for broiled flounder!

Earp's Seafood Counter

Broiled Flounder
Photos courtesy of the Communal Skillet

At the Communal Skillet this week, SFA friends learn two good bits of news.  First, Earp's Seafood Market in Raleigh, North Carolina, reopened their doors last week after tornadoes forced a shut down over nine months ago.  (Remember those severe storms they had?)  Second, Earp's Seafood sells good flounder, flounder fit for a recipe from the SFA Community Cookbook.  Use a bit of mayo, broil for less than 10 minutes, and you'll have a delicious dinner on the table before you can even begin to tell the story of Earp's 43 year history in the Raleigh community. Click here for the recipe.