Thursday, January 19

This Bacon is Making Me Thirsty

I interrupt this regularly scheduled "Thirsty Thursday" post to talk bacon.

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I sometimes have this nagging voice in my head that says, "enough with all this bacon talk." I quickly shut it up by feeding it more bacon. There is a bacon mania going on; admit it. As if they were reading my mind, the good people Food & Think blog posted this on Tuesday, "Why Are We So Crazy for Bacon?" They got way further in their research than I had (maybe they ran out of bacon?), and I think you should read it.

In Joe York's recent film, Cured, Allan Benton talks about why they made bacon and cured ham in the hills of Virginia. Growing up, Benton's family lived nowhere near a store. They grew and raised everything they ate. They preserved their pigs like this so they could be eating pigs year-round without the fear that it would "turn." I hadn't really considered that option. I like a little history with my food. And vice versa.

Let me for the record state: I DO love bacon. I DO endorse eating it in moderation. I do NOT have diabetes. Too soon?

I also humbly suggest you take a minute to watch Cured. And then watch Jim Gaffigan's bacon bit (pun intended).

And if you are bathing with bacon soap, just stop it.