Monday, January 16

An Ode to Fat: Schmaltz, Salt Pork, Olive Oil & Ghee in Lowell, MA

The South is not the only region where fat is revered. Home cooks around the world rely on that essential ingredient to enhance flavors. 

At Ode to Fat, set to be staged January 20 at Lowell National Park in Lowell, MA, thinkers and cooks will explore four types of fat with deep cultural associations in that region: schmaltz, the poultry fat used in Jewish cooking; salt pork, the French Canadian ingredient so critical to fresh-made pork scrap and baked beans; olive oil, the staple of Greek and Italian cooking, and ghee, the clarified butter used in South Asian cuisine.  

Along the way, they'll share family recipes, traditions, stories, and religious associations surrounding these fundamental culinary fats.

This program is part of the Lowell Folklife Series and is sponsored by Lowell National Historical Park.

Photo of freshly-rendered Tennessee lard, courtesy of SFA friends Angela and Paul Knipple