Thursday, January 12

Last Sip of Dublin Dr. Pepper

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If you're a Pepper, then you've probably already heard the news. In the Dallas Observer yesterday, the announcement came that Dublin Dr. Pepper was no more as of 5:00p.m. CST (yesterday).

The case between Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (the parent company of Dr. Pepper) vs. Dublin Bottling Works settled, with an outcome pretty grim for the Dublin side. The latter will continue to manufacture other drinks (all with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar, like Dublin Dr. Pepper), but closing this arm of their operations means big loss. According to the article, "sources [say] 14 out of Dublin Dr Pepper's 40 employees, who worked in the warehouse, have been let go due to the terms of the settlement agreement."

As I learned back in July, Dublin Bottling Works [was] the oldest bottler of Dr. Pepper and one of the few still using the original formula with pure-cane sugar. The corporate offices filed suit against the small, family-owned bottler for putting their own name on the bottle and for selling the soft drink outside of the approved territory.

The corporate office said they will continue to make pure-cane sugar Dr. Pepper at their Temple plant, and "it will still be bottled and canned in distinct, nostalgic packaging." However, it will no longer reference Dublin on the label.

If you've got a sweet spot for Dublin DP, now is the time to move. But I'm guessing the only place you'll be able to find a Dublin-labeled Dr. Pepper is eBay.

Read the story in the Dallas Observer.