Thursday, January 5


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Over the holidays, I had well-meaning intentions to post about eggnog and liquid gifts and other time appropriate information. But limited access to The Internets and the imbibing of aforementioned refreshments resulted in blog silence (on Thirsty Thursdays, at least).

So, I must press on and leave the holiday drinks in the past. Except, then there's new year's day. I'm guessing you made some sort of greens for your new year's supper. Did you "accidentally" pour out the beautiful green liquid the greens bathed in? Potlikker, that is. I'm not going to shame you for your past mistakes. But here's what to do next time you cook up (er, down?) a pot of greens.

1. Drink it. That delicious green nectar is good for the body and soul. We suggest taking shots of it with your guests. You can literally "drink to your health." Cheers!

2. Make fish stew. Drop fish of your choice in simmering potlikker and cook until fish is flaking. The good people at Zingerman's Roadhouse do this. And serve it over grits. Dang, son!

3. Make dumplings. There's a recipe for Corn Dumplings in the Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook, in which Flavius B. Hall recommends simmering dumplings in potlikker. If you don't have the cookbook, then get to your local bookstore. Stat. In the meantime, Anson Mills shares a recipe for Collard Greens and Cornmeal Dumplings on their site.

4. Poach eggs. A little extra flavor and vitamins never hurt anyone.

5. Freeze it. Don't need it right now? Next time you use a recipe calling for vegetable stock, you'll have a ton of gorgeous broth waiting for you.

No? Just want a drink recipe, already? Alrighty then.


A touch of vermouth
3 ounces warm potlikker
1 1/2 ounces Pepper Vodka (it's easy to infuse your own, but Absolut Peppar is fine)

Rinse your glass with vermouth. Mix the vodka and potlikker. Add a bacon garnish.

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