Monday, January 9

Book History Colloquium March 1 at Columbia University

Food for Thought: Building Research Collections for Food Studies. That's the focus of a March 1 book history colloquium at Columbia University, featuring Marvin J. Taylor of NYU.

Between 2003 and 2011 the Food Studies collection at NYU's Fales Library has grown to be the largest collection about food in any research library in the U.S. Marvin J. Taylor, director of the Fales Library and founder of the food studies collection will discuss how the collection developed, how it differs from other collections of food materials, how it is being utilized, and the current status of food studies collections across the country.

Taylor has been in the field of rare book and manuscripts for more than 25 years. In addition to the food studies collection, he has also built the Downtown New York Collection, which documents the
downtown arts scenes from 1974-the present. He has written widely and well on bibliography, gender, and queer theory. He is editing The Cookbook Book: 101 Great American Cookbooks of the 20th Century, which will be published in 2012.