Thursday, December 8


photo courtesy of Jennifer Davick Photography

...for punch! And festive drinks of that nature. Whether you're hosting a party or just entertaining a passer-by or two, being prepared (read: well-stocked) means you might just be named the Host[ess] with the Most[est]. And I'll drink to that.

We look no further than the cocktails historian/guru, David Wondrich, to learn about all things punch. His book, Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl, schools you in not just recipes, but also the history behind them.

David shared the recipe for Chatham Artillery Punch with us at our Southern Foodways Symposium this year. (And we drank it out of a bathtub, which by the way, is how most unrememorable stories begin.) The Chatham Artillery is the oldest military organization in Georgia. Based in Savannah, it has continued (passed through family lineage, no doubt) as a social club. We give a hat tip to the CA for this deliciously potent drink, which when tasted by President James Monroe in 1819, was called "suave and deceitful".

(post punch)

No need for such large portions? Read Eatocracy's "Chilled Out & Cheery" about what to have on hand when guests stop in. And leave the stressing to someone else.