Friday, December 9


1. Spoiler Alert: A football team from the Southeastern Conference will win the National Championship. That will be six in a row -- Florida, LSU, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and (as of January 9, 2012) Alabama or LSU. Why the Southern football dominance? The Washington Post says it has got to be the food!

2. Food and Wine Magazine has picked its 50 favorite bars in the U.S. No surprise, the South gets a lot of love on this list.

3. Corby Kummer offers up a stack of the year's best regional cookbooks.

4. Food Republic has compiled a list of the 50 food words we all need to know. SFA is certainly down with burgoo, fatback, and scrapple!

5. Whole Foods is making a list of the books they want to get. You'll find a list of favorite cookbooks and a list of favorite books about food. And, you'll be delighted to find SFA members and friends among the authors. You haven't finished shopping yet. Have you? Go get one (or three).

6. All right. Let's talk about the fruitcake. It's just sitting there. Are you going to try a bite? Or just mock it? These Southerners think you should at least try it. You might like it!