Friday, November 18


1. That didn't take long. This week the editorial page of the New York Times took a critical look at Alabama's ugly immigration law and Alabama's even uglier record of minority oppression.

2. If you're not preparing Thanksgiving dinner this way then you might as well just poke holes in the plastic seal on your frozen mashed potatoes and call it a day.

3. December 4 brings the 3rd Annual Appalachian Seed Swap. Gather up the leavings from this year's harvest and head to the Slater Center in Bristol, Tennessee to swap and save!

4. We don't quite know what to make of this. But anyone who understands the inherent beauty of the Elvis sandwich is fine by us. Jon Chonko, we salute you!

5. The Internets are hosting a Thanksgiving Feast and EVERYONE is invited! #pullupachair

6. SFA loves Drew Robinson for a lot of reasons. There's the obvious -- the boy can cook! And, there's the surprising -- the boy can write! As you gather with family and friends next week, remember even a simply prepared dish has the power to heal and to transform. Happy Thanksgiving.