Friday, November 4


The week after the 14th Annual Symposium finds us a little bit tired and a lot happy. It's the right time and we're in the right mood for a six-pack. Won't you join us?

1. Last Friday at the Symposium's opening meal, Edward Lee knocked it out the SFA park with his Kentucky Bento Box. This week, the new season of Top Chef began. Edward Lee is a contestant. SFA wouldn't think of picking a favorite because there are several crazily talented Southern chefs competing this season. BUT, we do note (with some delight) that only one of those chefs chose to wear an SFA hat for his audition video. Thanks for spreading the SFA love, Mr. Lee!

2. Emily Wallace continues her North Carolina meat and three quest with a trip to Libby's Too.

3. Freret Street ought to be your next New Orleans dining (and drinking) destination.

4. Ever have a nagging feeling that buying meat in pre-proportioned chunks on a styrofoam plastic wrapped tray is somehow wrong and unfulfilling? Find a real butcher. You'll eat better and feel better.

5. Hank Shaw is a hunter, a gatherer, and a forager. He thinks you could be too.

6. And now for something completely different from our friends, One Ring Zero: The Recipe Project.