Wednesday, November 9


The Southern Foodways Alliance has grown in ways that none of the founding members could have imagined. We have collected over 500 oral histories, produced more than 30 documentary films, and we continue to celebrate and educate on the diverse foodways of the American South through Field Trips and SymposiaSkillet Brigades, and other educational lectures and events.

SFA is a member-supported organization. Membership in the Southern Foodways Alliance is as important to our strength as corporate sponsorships and individual donations. SFA members feel like a family, which is a wonderful benefit, but sometimes that comfortable belonging allows us to forget that we actually need to purchase or renew memberships each year. Your membership fee covers a portion of our operating expenses, but of equal import is the support that you give our organization by placing your name among our ranks. I am writing to remind you that NOW IS THE TIME TO RENEW OR JOIN FOR 2012. Please click here to become a 2012 member today.

As a member, you receive advance notice of event registration and discounted tuition for the symposium and field trip. You receive a subscription to our Gravy foodletter—a publication that has grown from a folded piece of paper to today’s colorful booklet. Your name is also printed in our annual membership directory, which is shared with members each fall.

Membership and personal engagement in SFA will bolster your palate. It will heighten your awareness of our regional foodways, and increase your appreciation for the folks whose lifework brings great Southern food to the table. Gathered around our SFA table, you will certainly find contemporaries with common interests. And you may, as I have, make some of your best friends. I invite you to join us at the table in 2012. Please join the SFA or renew today. Click here. It’s easy.

Angie Mosier
Immediate Past President