Monday, November 14


Earlier today, Rien Fertel and Denny Culbert hit the road to explore the North Carolina leg of the Southern BBQ Trail. They're embarking on a month-long trip to gather the stories behind the Tar Heel State's culture of 'cue. Their mode of transportation: The Barbecue Bus.

Fertel and Culbert plan to take their Barbecue Bus, a state-of-the-art eco-friendly RV, across the entire state of North Carolina. The pair plan to hit major barbecue Meccas in Lexington, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, but they also look forward to discovering stories in places like Ayden, Hookerton, and Jason. Part of their fieldwork will examine the in-state rivalry between Lexington-style and Eastern-style barbecue.

Follow Fertel and Culbert on the blog they've created for the project, The Barbecue Bus, and on Twitter

At the end of their adventure, at least fifteen oral history interviews will be added to the SFA’s online archive of all things 'cue, the Southern BBQ Trail.

Grab a napkin and go!