Friday, October 21


Creole culinary history, LGBT farmers, sake from the Lone Star state, and more: Crack open something Oktoberfest-ive and enjoy this week's six-pack.

1. Rien Fertel uncovers the history of The Picayune Creole Cookbook, a seminal volume of New Orleans foodways.

2. Texas is already the home of top-notch breweries, Tito's vodka, and an emerging wine region in the Hill Country. Now, add sake to the state's growing drinkways repertoire. Yes, really.

3. If yesterday's hard cider post left you with a craving for apples, Sheri Castle offers creative ways to make the most of leftover peels and cores.

4. From a "Red Dirt Road" to a fine red wine: Kix Brooks, half of the late country duo Brooks and Dunn, boot-scootin' boogied home from the Wines of the South competition in Knoxville with a Best in Show award for his Arrington Vineyards KB 308 Cab. (Full disclosure: The grapes are from the West Coast, but the wine is aged in Tennessee.)

5. In Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and elsewhere across the country, gay and lesbian small farmers are making important contributions to sustainable agriculture.

6. E-reading devices might be changing the rules of cookbook publishing—and cookbooks, in turn, are offering new possibilities in print publishing. (But could a Kindle community cookbook recreate the unmistakeable squeak of plastic spiral binding?)