Friday, October 14


What's on tap for this weekend? If you're in North Carolina, you might be planning a trip to the State Fair, which began yesterday and runs through October 23. Writer and illustrator (and 2011 symposium speaker) Emily Wallace has created an illustrated fair-food game plan to help you make the most of your stomach space. Whatever your plans, be sure to enjoy the fall weather!

1. Check out this frame-worthy infographic of complementary flavor pairings. It's a visually pleasing answer to the home cook's question of, "What the heck do I do with all of the [fill-in-the-herb-blank] in my garden?"

2. Alabama historian (and ordained Baptist minister) Wayne Flynt takes a stand against Alabama's immigration law. The man loves his Sand Mountain tomatoes, but that's just the beginning of his resentment toward "the meanest, most hateful thing I've ever read."

3. From the humble beginnings of a jar of starter and her grandmother's dinner-roll recipe, Tennessean Shana Martin is making a name for herself in her new hometown of Greensboro, NC, and beyond. Find her Anna Mae Southern Rolls at any Fresh Market location.

4. A New York–based writer reflects on meals savored and lessons learned at his grandfather's fishing camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

5. How do the experts on Avery Island, Louisiana, know when a Tabasco pepper is ripe for the picking? Saveur has the answer.

6. David Wright visits the Whip-In convenience store, a slice of the Global South in Austin, TX.