Friday, October 7


1. Much has been written and said this week about the passing of Steve Jobs. Apple has changed how all of us interact with technology. Right now at SFA, we're even working on our own iPhone App.

But SFA's lens for understanding who we are and how we are with each other is the South. As such, we note with great sadness the passing of the Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth and Professor Derrick Bell. Both men, Bell in Mississippi (He supervised 300 access to education cases in the state including James Meredith's) and in halls of the legal academy, and Shuttlesworth from pulpits and public podiums in Alabama and Ohio, changed for good how we think, learn, and interact with each other.

2. Alabama's immigration law (the strictest in the country) went into effect yesterday. Today, farmers across the state struggle to harvest their crops.

3. Southern cooking by way of South America is alive and well in this Brentwood, Tennessee kitchen.

4. Donald Link brings Cochon, his Cajun restaurant, to the capitol of Cajun country. This should be interesting.

5. Donald Goodman and Tom Head breathe new life into an unfinished Eugene Walter manuscript in The Happy Table of Eugene Walter. Mr. Walter's love of Southern food and his famous hospitality animate each page of the book. John Kessler has the review.

6. Paw paw season is upon us. Hurry. It doesn't last long.