Thursday, October 13

Red (Wine) Velvet Cake

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What's not to love about red velvet cake? A couple weeks back on GILT Taste, we were given a brief history lesson (and a myth-debunking) on one of the South's treasured desserts. Turns out it was created and named at least 15 years before food color dye was conceived and sold by John A. Adams in 1888. The red in the original name was referring to "red sugar," or what we now know as brown sugar.

What really intrigued me is what happened the day after this was posted. The author, Stella Parks, came up with a new (and historical?) recipe for red velvet cake. Instead of dousing the batter with red dye, she uses brown sugar and red wine in her recipe. "It ain’t Grandma’s recipe, but Red Velvet aficionados will recognize it at first bite."

Don't want wine in your cake? Check out a wine pairing for your red velvet cake (and other favorite cakes too). Cake and wine?! Go on, you know you are excited as I am to read about it.