Friday, October 14


Photo by Amy Evans Streeter, 2011. 

This month we celebrate the Cultivated South by sharing an interview from one of our newest oral history projects, which documents the vendors at the Greenwood Farmers’ Market in Greenwood, Mississippi. This oral history project is dedicated to the memory of Alisa Lay, who passed away unexpectedly earlier this month on October 4, 2011. 

On this month’s okracast, meet Alisa Lay and her sister Brenda Lay of Carrolton, Mississippi. Under the business name Two Sisters in the Kitchen,  they’ve sold a wide variety of goods at the Greenwood Farmers’ Market: apple jelly, black bean and corn salsa, peach pies, zucchini muffins, and more. Their most prized offering, though, is the pickled okra. But this isn’t just any pickled okra. It’s a variety known as Longhorn, and the seeds have been saved and passed down in Alisa and Brenda’s family for almost 200 years. Brenda remembers her grandmother telling her, as they dried okra pods outside, that this is their heritage. And now, they’ve passed their heritage on to their customers and the Greenwood Farmers’ market. 

Look for the Greenwood Farmers’ Market oral history project in SFA’s online archive soon!

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