Tuesday, October 11


Our colleagues at the Center for the Study of the American South -- at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill -- have a strong track record of foodways work. Jim Ferguson has been taught a generation of students about how food is a cultural product. More recently, Marcie Ferris, onetime SFA board president, has been teaching and mentoring foodways-focused students.

As part of their work the good folks at UNC also stage a number of different lecture series, including the Charleston Lecture. Later this month, on October 26th, as we kick it into high gear for the 14th annual Southern Foodways Symposium, they will host Nathalie Dupree, author of, among other works, an early and important book that helped codify New Southern Cooking.

A past winner of the SFA's Craig Claiborne Lifetime Achievement Award, Nathalie was an SFA founder and has served on the SFA board of directors.

Details on her talk are here.