Thursday, October 27


In 2009, Alabama "popped the cap" on craft beer, raising the ceiling for alcohol by volume (ABV) from 6% to 13.9%. The boys of Good People Brewing Company had already been at work for a few years by then, taking their homebrew operation commercial in 2007. The new law has allowed them to step up their production over the last couple of years, and Good People now offers over a dozen varieties of suds. Most popular is the Snake Handler double IPA, which scoffs at the former 6% ABV limit, clocking in at a stumble-inducing 9.3%.

Good People began rolling out cans in 2011, and we're hoping that they hit shelves beyond Alabama very soon. In the meantime, we'll be tapping a few kegs this weekend at the symposium.

If you can't join us in Oxford, follow our exploits 140 characters at a time by searching for the hashtag #foodways on Twitter (@potlikker).