Monday, October 17


Perhaps the biggest hurdle to making this recipe is making sure that you have "a squirrel guy."  A pack of boys in the woods might could find a few for you.  And if you can't find a pack of kids with BB guns, perhaps you can befriend the Colleten-Green family of Awendaw, South Carolina.  Don't know them?  Check out Joe York's film on their annual Thanksgiving squirrel hunt, Giving Thanks in Awendaw.  And then click over to the Communal Skillet to read about how to make fried squirrel with gravy.  In brief, it goes something like this: (1) Find a squirrel guy. (2) Dress the squirrel. (3) Fry the squirrel.  Try it this fall.  Squirrel season opened in North Mississippi on October 1.